The Cycling Blazer That Looks So Much Sharper Than Usual Cycling Gear

Cycling: we can do that in These Extraordinary Times. But if you’re not quite in the peloton of the Tour de France, full lycra and ergonomic plutonium-lined space helmets can seem a bit much. And though cycling brand Rapha is set for a PB in the menswear’s enclave, what if you’re looking for something a bit more classic? Then you settle for Oliver Spencer’s latest blazer: a hook-up with Brompton Bicycles, and one that seeks to add form to functional cycling kit.

Geared especially towards London bikeriders, the ‘Brompton Blazer’ takes its cue from the British manufacturer with a unique three-way folding design. The bikes do that too! And, in a textured, Italian water-resistant performance cloth, the tailored layer is so much more technical than standard outerwear. It also retains its shape, and won’t crease much either.

oliver spencer brompton bicycles

The blazer’s biggest strength however is how little it looks like usual technical-tailoring hybrids. This could be Oliver Spencer mainline stuff: the classic wardrobe pillars that have kept the brand in good stead with well-dressed guys for years.

Of the collaboration, the designer said: “I wanted to create something that became an automatic choice for a cyclist in the morning when they were leaving the house. Being seen on the roads is important, but there are also a lot of people out there who want to still look good whilst doing that, and I believe this jacket helps to solve that wardrobe issue.” What’s more, it’s a collab that made sense for Brompton Bicycles too, with development Kenny Kelly in much agreement. “When you think of menswear in London, you think of Oliver Spencer. So when the opportunity came to work with him, we jumped at the chance.

“When you have a Brompton, it goes everywhere with you, from home, to work, to the pub.” And so too will the new blazer.

Available online today at, priced £385

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