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No more entertaining. Neighbors WFH all day. Home renovations will never be the same

We used to fix up our homes for guests. Now we're fixing up our homes for ourselves. <span class="copyright">(Future Shock / For The Times)</span>
We used to fix up our homes for guests. Now we’re fixing up our homes for ourselves. (Future Shock / For The Times)

In West Hollywood, Flora Garamvolgyi is reconsidering her couch.

When she and her husband moved here from Budapest a year ago, they wanted to take their time carefully selecting each piece of new furniture. She wanted to see everything in person before making a purchase. After all, why rush?

The couch they picked turns into a pullout bed. And “as a bed, it’s perfect and cute and comfortable,” she said. “As a couch, it’s horrible. We bought

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These Tiny Desks Are WFH Space Saviors

Having a designated home office requires space — which is exactly what our living setups don’t have. But, before we nix the idea completely and continue to work from our beds, let’s consider a craftier solution: the small-space desk — a furniture piece so clever and compact it will transform your WFH fantasies to realities. (Cue “Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony.)

There are desks designed to wedge into empty corners, multipurpose desks that fold up when not in use, floating wall-mounted desks, desks made for standing, desks made for converting into dual-purpose dining tables…You get the picture. We hunted

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