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Fall home decor trends: Comforting hues, flexible design

In recent years, brown anything in a living space was considered by some arbiters of decor as drab and outdated. But this fall the hue is back in favor, in part because of the unsettled, anxious state of the world.

“Brown traditionally makes people feel comfortable and safe, and those are feelings that many of us are looking to our homes to provide,” says interior designer Dawn Hamilton of Oakland Park, Florida.

It’s just one of the trends in decor this season, when the pandemic has made home an even more essential space for living, working, studying and more. Also

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10 interior design trends which could boost your house value by thousands

Photo credit: Carolyn Barber
Photo credit: Carolyn Barber

From Country Living

The interior design trends which could help to boost the value of your property by thousands has been revealed in a new study — and the much-loved Scandinavian style has taken the winning spot.

Mortgage comparison website, Bankrate, entered the biggest interior design styles into Zoopla’s property search tool to calculate average house prices in England for each style, and uncover how much each one could add to the value of a home.

While Scandi style unsurprisingly came out on top (it was also named the top interior trend for 2020), other trends

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9 Design Trends We’ll Be Seeing in the Very Near Future

Architects and designers have long mused about what the future would hold. In the 1930s, French architect Le Corbusier famously imagined a Radiant City where efficient, concrete block housing was brought to life with thoughtfully cultivated green space. After World War II, American architect Buckminster Fuller imagined people living in inexpensive, mass-producible homes like his portable Dymaxion House, designed to reduce water consumption—it could be shipped to the homeowner in a metal tube. And through the middle of the 20th century, Americans Charles and Ray Eames designed for a world in which furniture was simple, long-lasting, and affordable, in line

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Home Health Trends That Haven’t Stood the Test of Time

When looking at the features of our homes today, it can be difficult to remember that houses didn’t all start out this way—it took centuries of design evolution to get to what we now consider a “normal” layout of a home. It’s possible to trace some design features back to their origins as ways to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. And though it has yet to be seen exactly how the COVID-19 pandemic will influence home design, in 2020 we at least have the benefit of modern science and technology. But that hasn’t always been the case. There are

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