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This 97-square-foot tiny home on wheels has all of its furniture stored in the walls to save space — see inside the $45,000 minimalist aVOID

The aVOID Tiny Home.
The aVOID Tiny Home.

Leonardo Di Chiara

  • Architect and engineer Leonardo Di Chiara created the minimalist approximately 97-square aVOID Tiny House.

  • The 97-square foot home’s main furniture pieces are built into the walls, creating a minimalist and open space when the furniture isn’t in use.

  • Despite its title as the smallest tiny home ever built in Italy, according to its maker, aVOID has all of the same amenities as a traditional home, including a bathroom, kitchen, and a sleeping and dining space.

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Architect and engineer Leonardo Di Chiara created a minimalist approximately 97-square

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NASA is offering up to $20,000 to anyone who can design a better space toilet for astronauts sent to the moon

NASA doesn't want more bulky space diapers or big shuttle toilets — so the agency is asking for some help designing its new toilet for astronauts going to the moon.
NASA doesn’t want more bulky space diapers or big shuttle toilets — so the agency is asking for some help designing its new toilet for astronauts going to the moon.

Smithsonian / Dave Mosher / Business Insider

  • NASA needs a new toilet for going to the moon — one that will work for all astronauts and function both in microgravity and on the lunar surface.

  • The agency is crowdsourcing ideas for the toilet with a “Lunar Loo” challenge. The top prize is $20,000.

  • Historically, most space toilets have been little more than a bag and a hose with a vacuum.

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Black-Owned Home Brands You Need to Incorporate into Your Space Right Now

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News flash: When it comes to supporting Black-owned businesses, we’ve all just begun scratching the surface. Perhaps you started using a Black-founded food product while cooking or started reading some books that can help you become a better ally (keep on going!), but there’s even more to explore that you might not have thought of yet. One of those areas that’s so integral to our daily lives is home decor. We’re way overdue in diversifying where we shop for home goods, and to say you’re missing out on seriously covetable items that also

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Small Space, Big Style – Shavonda Gardner’s California Home

Influencer and designer Shavonda Gardner is a believer in slow, sustainable design. “Curating a home is a marathon, not a sprint,” is a mantra Shavonda repeats often to her followers and clients, but it’s also how she approaches her own home.

Shavonda and her wife, Naomi, were living in a basic builder house in Sacramento, California when they decided to trade their cookie-cutter home for a smaller place with old-school charm across town. The couple and their two children, Michael and Bryanna, downsized from a 2,400-square-foot house to a 1,200-square-foot cottage.

To make the two-bedroom home work for their family

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The Best Inflatable Pools For Whatever Outdoor Space You’re Workin’ With

When stay-at-home spring turns into backyard summer, we want to be ready. Aside from ordering new swimsuits for sunning in our windowsills or stocking up on cocktail kits for fire-escape happy hours, those of us with access to an outdoor space (or any ol’ patch of grass, really) will be investing in the inflatable pool. Yes, that thing we splashed around in as nude kiddos.

Since we most likely will not be able to visit any public bodies of water for the foreseeable warm-weather future, you can catch us outside our homes in a blowup swimming situation instead (clothing optional).

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