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Give your Google Home cordless freedom with LOFT

That’s why this LOFT Battery Base for Google Home is such a game-changer. By allowing you to ditch your Google Home’s limiting cord in favor of a powerful battery, the LOFT will give your trusty home assistant the freedom it needs to move around the house for hours at a time, and it’s on sale for 65 percent off at just $17.

With a nearly perfect rating on Amazon and a sleek design that blends in flawlessly with any decor, this slide-in battery base makes it easy to enjoy everything that your Google Home has to offer even if you

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Tour a Loft That Seamlessly Blends Patina and Polish

The collector who resides in this refined New York City pad has relied on Aamir Khandwala, of Aamir Khandwala Interior Design, to decorate her homes since the 1990s—when Khandwala was Robert Couturier’s head of decoration. For three decades, she has returned to him for distinctive and rich design that endures. “As I walk into a home that Aamir has completed for me, I am instantly reminded why I choose Aamir each time: to make my world full of beauty, grace, and comfort,” she says. “He and I hit it off from the very beginning. Not only does he have exceptional

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