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Five things we’ve learned from Kendall Jenner’s ‘bohemian and funky’ $8m home

Kendall's home is not very Kardashian at all - Getty
Kendall’s home is not very Kardashian at all – Getty

Kendall Jenner’s LA home appears on the cover of Architectural Digest this month, and it brings several surprises, as well as serious food for thought in terms of design. First, it’s just not very Kardashian. Where’s the pristine all-white living room, the lashings of marble, the blinging chandeliers?

While Kim and Kanye went for an Axel Vervoodt-designed minimalist masterpiece (a thing of beauty, but one it’s hard to imagine anyone actually living in), Jenner and her designers, Kathleen and Tommy Clements and Waldo Fernandez, have enhanced what she calls “the

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6 things I learned about the Meizu 17 Pro’s design after our steamy week together

I’ve been a fan of Meizu phones for the past few years. The devices manage to be reliable, well-built, and reasonably priced — a tough combination to go wrong with.

Anyway, the company recently released the Meizu 17 Pro. And I got my hands on one.

Now, rather than just doing a straightforward review, I thought I’d focus more on the design and user experience. Specifically, in a listicle format. You can’t stop me. HERE WE GO!

The ceramic sides of the Meizu 17 Pro are delicious

Not only do the ceramic sides of the Meizu 17 Pro look

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