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No more entertaining. Neighbors WFH all day. Home renovations will never be the same

We used to fix up our homes for guests. Now we're fixing up our homes for ourselves. <span class="copyright">(Future Shock / For The Times)</span>
We used to fix up our homes for guests. Now we’re fixing up our homes for ourselves. (Future Shock / For The Times)

In West Hollywood, Flora Garamvolgyi is reconsidering her couch.

When she and her husband moved here from Budapest a year ago, they wanted to take their time carefully selecting each piece of new furniture. She wanted to see everything in person before making a purchase. After all, why rush?

The couch they picked turns into a pullout bed. And “as a bed, it’s perfect and cute and comfortable,” she said. “As a couch, it’s horrible. We bought

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10 interior design trends which could boost your house value by thousands

Photo credit: Carolyn Barber
Photo credit: Carolyn Barber

From Country Living

The interior design trends which could help to boost the value of your property by thousands has been revealed in a new study — and the much-loved Scandinavian style has taken the winning spot.

Mortgage comparison website, Bankrate, entered the biggest interior design styles into Zoopla’s property search tool to calculate average house prices in England for each style, and uncover how much each one could add to the value of a home.

While Scandi style unsurprisingly came out on top (it was also named the top interior trend for 2020), other trends

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How to Make Sure That the Air around You Is Pure

How to Make Sure That the Air around You Is Pure

If you’re indoors or outdoors, the quality of the air you’re breathing will significantly affect your health. Studies have linked poor outdoor air quality to lung cancer, heart disease, and strokes. Air pollution, in turn, causes 3.3 million deaths worldwide every year. The air inside your house, however, is usually much more toxic than the outside air, says the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). And research shows that we spend much of our time indoors, which is even more of a reason to start cleaning up our indoor air.

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Scientists design proteins that could keep coronavirus from spreading COVID-19

Imagine being able to ward off COVID-19 just by spritzing a nasal spray into your nostrils. It may not be just your imagination: Researchers at the University of Washington have designed a batch of synthetic proteins that could conceivably block the coronavirus behind this year’s pandemic from gaining a foothold.

“Although extensive clinical testing is still needed, we believe the best of these computer-generated antivirals are quite promising,” Longxing Cao, a postdoctoral scholar at UW’s Institute for Protein Design, said in a news release.

Cao is the lead author of a study about the protein-building experiment, published today by the

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Inside the Home Tennis Star Madison Keys Bought Herself After Winning a Major Title

Tour the Home Tennis Star Madison Keys Bought Herself After Winning Her First Title: ‘I Fell In Love with It’

The tennis star and design lover shows off her off-season Orlando retreat.

Winning a major tennis championship typically earns a player a massive silver cup or plate, but Madison Keys had a slightly larger reward in mind after a stellar season: her first home.

“I had a really great summer in 2017; I won a title [the Stanford Classic], and then I made the finals of the U.S. Open and I just thought, ‘Why not buy a house?’ ” explains

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