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Aston Martin’s New $74,000 Race Simulator Will Let You Take on the Track From Home

You can now drive James Bond’s favorite marque without having to leave your home. That’s because the Aston Martin’s latest product isn’t actually car, but a high-tech racing simulator for your man cave. And like the marque’s DBS Superleggera or Vantage, the gaming rig combines elite performance and luxury to create an immersive experience the likes of which the e-sports world has never seen.

The AMR-C01 simulator is the first phase in a new partnership between the British automaker and Curv Racing Simulators. And for their first collaboration, both sides stuck to what they know best, with Aston Martin handling

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How Drake’s Architectural Designer Turns the World’s Most Expensive Homes Into Otherworldly Playlands

Ferris Rafauli predicts that in the ultra-premium, post-pandemic world, no design demands will ever be considered “too crazy.” Among his black-card clientele, requests for features such as in-home sports arenas and full-service spas have already ratcheted up. But the Canadian designer and founder of an eponymous, and increasingly illustrious, boutique design-build firm specializes in turning the dreamed-up into reality. “The demands have gotten a lot more exciting lately, because we’re bringing absolutely anything and everything home,” he says. “It used to be home theaters and indoor pools. Now we’re designing houses with nightclubs built into them, and custom soccer stadiums

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Could your home be sabotaging your health? Here’s how to get it right

Wellness at home - Brent Haywood/Simon & Schuster
Wellness at home – Brent Haywood/Simon & Schuster

A house is made of bricks and beams – but is it possible to design or tweak our living spaces for a healthier, fitter and happier life? As we feather our nests in readiness for autumn, perhaps optimising our living spaces for both working from home and working out from home, spending even more time within our four walls than usual, it’s an important question.

According to a study by health and fitness app Oro, 85 per cent of British people haven’t been to a gym since they reopened and over a

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HGTV’s Jasmine Roth Is Renting Her Huntington Beach Home Out on Airbnb

Photo credit: Jasmine Roth/ Instagram
Photo credit: Jasmine Roth/ Instagram

From House Beautiful

Over the summer, Jasmine Roth, her husband Brett, and their adorable baby girl Hazel packed up their belongings and moved into a new home just a few blocks away. For Roth, saying goodbye to the house she had lived in for the past seven years was no easy task. This was the first property she had ever designed and parting ways with it seemed unbearable.

“I’m very attached to the house and the thought of selling it made me so upset that I was like, I can’t sell it,” she told House

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This High-Design Air Conditioner Is the Quietest I’ve Tried

In an unexpected twist, this season turned out to be the summer of the sexy AC. New direct-to-consumer companies popped up on our Instagram feeds, “disrupting” the market with their modern-looking window units that claimed to be easy to install and follow eco-friendly practices—every design-and-planet lover’s dream! It also turned out to be the summer we’d need this long overdue upgrade more than ever, since sitting at home for six months straight will drive anyone to grow tired of looking at their dusty old AC unit; not to mention the exceptionally high electricity bill that comes with it. So, for

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