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Tim Allen Opened Up About His “Emotional” Experience While Reprising His ‘Home Improvement’ Role

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  • Last Man Standing is airing its ninth and final season, and ahead of the season’s premiere, fans got a peek of what to expect.

  • The major surprise? Tim Allen created a crossover event between Last Man Standing and Home Improvement, and fans were thrilled.

  • In a recent interview, Tim Allen opened up about what the character crossover was like for him.

Whether you’re a fan of Last Man Standing or Home Improvement, you’ll be a fan of Last Man Standing’s ninth season.

On Friday December 4, Fox released a 30-second preview of the beloved show’s

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‘Home Improvement’ reboot? ‘Last Man Standing’ crossover stirs tons of speculation [Video]

Tim Allen reprised his Home Improvement character, Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, during Thursday night’s Last Man Standing. Fans of both series celebrated the crossover, which also hinted at a potential reboot.

The premise of the episode was that Tim wanted to meet Mike Baxter, Allen’s other character, because he heard they look so much alike. Tim helped Mike with a broken garbage disposal, and of course hilarity ensued.

While much of the episode was fun, there were a few tender moments. The most touching moment was when Tim talked about how much he missed his old neighbor, Wilson

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Tim Allen Says It Was ‘Emotional’ to Reprise His Home Improvement Role on Last Man Standing


Tim Allen is opening up about the emotional experience of reprising his Home Improvement role on Last Man Standing.

During a virtual chat with Entertainment Tonight ahead of the ninth and final season premiere of the Fox series, the 67-year-old actor spoke about how reprising the role was not at all what he expected.

Speaking candidly about playing both Last Man Standing’s Mike Baxter and Home Improvement’s Tim Taylor on the episode that aired Thursday night, the actor called the experience, “weird, creepy… [and] unusual.”

“It was very peculiar to do both parts, I’ll tell you that. It

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There’s One Thing Mike Baxter Loves About the Pandemic (Exclusive Video)

The ninth and final season of “Last Man Standing” premieres Sunday on Fox. When the show comes back, the Baxter Family will be dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, just like the rest of us. Well, we can’t say exactly like the rest of us, because the stunt Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) pulls in the Season 9 opener isn’t something most people would try to get away with.

In TheWrap’s exclusive sneak-peek of the episode, titled “Time Flies,” Mike is sitting in his living room trying to enjoy a football game. But there’s Ryan (Jordan Masterson), who won’t stop talking.


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How ‘Last Man Standing’ Got Permission to Use Tim Taylor Character for ‘Home Improvement’ Crossover

Fox’s “Last Man Standing” is going big in its final season, with an episode featuring Tim Allen in his leading role of Mike Baxter and reprising Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, the iconic character he played on ABC’s “Home Improvement” for eight seasons from 1991-1999.

The bit will come in the second episode of “Last Man Standing’s” upcoming ninth season, when Vanessa hires a home improvement repairman who bears an uncanny resemblance to Mike, who is struggling with an idea for his Outdoor Man 10th Anniversary vlog. And the idea for this epic half-hour, which airs Jan. 7 on

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