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Peek Inside Anmer Hall, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Country Home

Photo credit: Handout
Photo credit: Handout

From Good Housekeeping

When Prince William and Kate Middleton were married, Queen Elizabeth gave them a particularly nice gift: a property on the royal family’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk. Ever since, they’ve been enjoying Anmer Hall, both as a permanent residence at times and as a country retreat.

But lately, it’s been serving a very particular purpose: hosting Will, Kate, and their three children during the coronavirus outbreak, and serving as a background for the couple’s many Zoom calls (more on that below).

Here, everything you need to know about Anmer Hall.

The Home’s History

The 10-bedroom

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Netflix’s “Floor Is Lava” May Have the Craziest Set Design Ever

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

From House Beautiful

Netflix’s latest hit show, Floor Is Lava, is not only fun to watch because of its likeness to the 90s game shows that we grew up watching, but also because of the amazing set design. Riffing off of the game we all played as kids, Floor Is Lava takes place in various rooms throughout the house, including the basement, the kitchen, a bedroom, the study, and even the planetarium. To learn how these crazy hot rooms came to fruition, House Beautiful spoke to art coordinator Alison Gondek and production designers Bruce Ryan and

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Give your Google Home cordless freedom with LOFT

That’s why this LOFT Battery Base for Google Home is such a game-changer. By allowing you to ditch your Google Home’s limiting cord in favor of a powerful battery, the LOFT will give your trusty home assistant the freedom it needs to move around the house for hours at a time, and it’s on sale for 65 percent off at just $17.

With a nearly perfect rating on Amazon and a sleek design that blends in flawlessly with any decor, this slide-in battery base makes it easy to enjoy everything that your Google Home has to offer even if you

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LightArt Bets on Art and Contemporary Design to Succeed in the Branded Real Estate Market

For developers and brands who are getting involved with branded real estate, it is not just about selling a property, it is mostly about highlighting and selling the lifestyle and the intangible benefits of the property. Savills Branded Residences’ 2019 Spotlight report shows that the number of branded real estate schemes has surged by almost 200% within the last decade. Last year, 65 branded residences projects were opened and about 70 new branded residences projects are due to open in 2020.

The global branded residences sector has more than 60 different developers that manage more than 100 brands in between

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Sadie Robertson Tours Her Family’s Louisiana Home, Shares Wedding Memories

Home is where the heart is! Sadie Robertson recently gave a tour of her “favorite place in the world” — AKA her family’s large Louisiana abode — and shared some sweet wedding memories along the way.

“It is the most peaceful, beautiful home,” the Duck Dynasty alum, 23, said in a recent video for Today’s new series My Happy Place. “I gotta say my mom did an amazing job with all the design work.”

For the first stop on her tour, Robertson, who no longer lives in her family home but stops by frequently, headed to the “comfortable” living

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