Month: December 2020

What’s in and out for 2021

Thanks to the lessons learned while staying home in 2020, interior design in the year ahead promises to put more meaning behind some of the most popular home design clichés.

What once were wish list items to create warm, inviting, functional or multipurpose spaces are now a real need, as homeowners strive to utilize every square foot of surface and sofa far more frequently as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

“People are looking at their homes differently to decide if it will fit a work-from-home, teach-from-home lifestyle,” said Leslie Dollinger, director of operations at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, The

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‘Last Man Standing’ Boss on ‘Bittersweet’ Final Season and Origin of ‘Home Improvement’ Episode (Exclusive)

The time has come for Last Man Standing to sign off, but it’ll be wrapping up in a surreal time — amid a pandemic, social and racial unrest and a heightened feeling of uncertainty. Though the current pandemic appeared to cement the upcoming ninth season as the last, it always felt like the half-hour sitcom, which follows Tim Allen‘s conservative-leaning Mike Baxter and his family, was ready to say goodbye.

“Coming into it, I felt like it was a very high likelihood that it would be the last season just because at this point, the factors that usually keep

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The Top Interior-Design Trends for 2021

DESIGNERS LIKE Lance Thomas see the serendipitous upside of 2020’s quarantine. “It has forced homeowners to evaluate how they live in their homes, how it makes them feel,” said the principal and co-owner of Thomas Guy Interiors in Lake Charles, La. And judging from some of the incoming trends our panel of design pros identified, the feeling most people seek is cushy, coddling comfort. Rich, deep colors replace the chilly white of Modern Farmhouse décor. Earthy, touchable materials push aside the glitz of lacquered finishes and shiny fabrics. When Andrew Kline, design director at New York’s Workshop/APD, called out nubby … Read more

At-Home Workouts Are at an All-Time High: Is Peloton Stock a Buy?

Everyone’s talking about Peloton (NASDAQ:PTON) these days because it’s a work-from-home story that’s been on fire amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The fact the stock has appreciated by nearly 430% so far this year has certainly contributed to the chatter.

There’s no doubt Peloton’s business is booming. But will that continue?

The pandemic impact

Peloton’s business has certainly been supercharged by COVID-19. Clearly, many more people are staying home, working from home, and avoiding public gyms more often. Peloton offers its subscribers a home-based interactive home-fitness platform with compelling fitness content and a social element of competing with or against friends.

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A wildly popular Singaporean tiny home maker has unveiled its latest $98,000 smart home

The Lux Legend Two.8
The Lux Legend Two X. Nestron
  • Smart tiny home maker Nestron has expanded its Legend series with the Legend Two X, a $98,000 tiny home with three design options.

  • The Legend Two X — which is larger than its two Legend predecessors — has two bedrooms, a kitchen and dining space, and a bathroom.

  • Like other tiny homemakers, Nestron skyrocketed in popularity during the coronavirus pandemic, and over half of its clients are currently based in the US.

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Smart tiny home maker Nestron has unveiled the Legend Two X, a $98,000 tiny home

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