Month: June 2020

Home Health Trends That Haven’t Stood the Test of Time

When looking at the features of our homes today, it can be difficult to remember that houses didn’t all start out this way—it took centuries of design evolution to get to what we now consider a “normal” layout of a home. It’s possible to trace some design features back to their origins as ways to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. And though it has yet to be seen exactly how the COVID-19 pandemic will influence home design, in 2020 we at least have the benefit of modern science and technology. But that hasn’t always been the case. There are

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Netflix’s “Floor Is Lava” May Have the Craziest Set Design Ever

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

From House Beautiful

Netflix’s latest hit show, Floor Is Lava, is not only fun to watch because of its likeness to the 90s game shows that we grew up watching, but also because of the amazing set design. Riffing off of the game we all played as kids, Floor Is Lava takes place in various rooms throughout the house, including the basement, the kitchen, a bedroom, the study, and even the planetarium. To learn how these crazy hot rooms came to fruition, House Beautiful spoke to art coordinator Alison Gondek and production designers Bruce Ryan and

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Fashion Influencers Are Driving an Interiors Boom. How Are Home Brands Responding?

“A lot of people in fashion don’t understand that you can’t easily gift a rug or table. It doesn’t work the same as it does for a dress or a pair of shoes.”

Home is where the #content is — or so wrote Hilary George-Parkin in a 2017 Fashionista story titled, “Why Fashion Bloggers Are Evolving Into Home Decor Influencers.”

Three years later, may I ask: Why were once-strictly-fashion-adjacent influencers venturing into more home-furnished pastures? 

George-Parkin’s reporting is certainly worth revisiting in its own right, but for the interest of this piece, I’ll say the gist was this: With the

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the Italian design guru offering a holiday home fit for a princess

La Poste Vecchia
La Poste Vecchia

Extraordinary times call for ­extraordinary measures, as Marie-Louise Sciò discovered during the Covid-19 lockdown. When Italy became the first European country to be hit by the pandemic, the Rome-based CEO and design director of Pellicano Hotels scooped up her family and took refuge in their hotel, La Posta Vecchia, on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea. 

It was a homecoming of sorts for Sciò, who had spent part of her childhood living in the 17th century villa. Following two months in residence, she has decided to share it with others as a private villa, rather than re­open

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