Month: May 2020

All the Signs Scott Disick and Sofia Richie Were Headed for a Split

Some good things must come to an end.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie have decided to go their separate ways after nearly three years of being together. Fans will know the two have broken up before since sparking romance rumors in 2017.

A source tells E! News why they’ve decided to call it quits this time around.

“They are technically ‘split’ but Sofia has been in touch with Scott and has checked in on him in the last couple of days,” the insider shares. “There wasn’t a fight or anything bad that happened between them, she is just letting him

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Restaurants take to the streets to create socially distanced dining rooms as nation reopens

In the historic downtown district of Warrenton, Virginia, last weekend, American flags floated on a balmy breeze above outdoor tables spilling out onto the sidewalk and into the street.

Restaurants in this part of the state were allowed to reopen outdoor dining Friday. With a rooftop deck it could fill only halfway, Denim & Pearl Restaurant got the city’s blessing to take the indoors out. Antsy to get out of the house after weeks of self-isolation, diners lined up to grab a bite on the makeshift patio.

“It was a crazy busy weekend,” Denim & Pearl owner Jenn Robinson told

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The Best Inflatable Pools For Whatever Outdoor Space You’re Workin’ With

When stay-at-home spring turns into backyard summer, we want to be ready. Aside from ordering new swimsuits for sunning in our windowsills or stocking up on cocktail kits for fire-escape happy hours, those of us with access to an outdoor space (or any ol’ patch of grass, really) will be investing in the inflatable pool. Yes, that thing we splashed around in as nude kiddos.

Since we most likely will not be able to visit any public bodies of water for the foreseeable warm-weather future, you can catch us outside our homes in a blowup swimming situation instead (clothing optional).

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The Best Portable Monitors to Buy in 2020

Portable monitors are convenient accessories that can instantly transform any space into a powerful workstation. Whether you need an extra screen for your home office or want to do some work on the go, you can quickly set up a productive workspace anywhere that will allow you to view multiple screens at once. You’ll no longer need a large monitor to, say, make edits to a presentation while actively participating in a Zoom meeting.

With remote work becoming the new norm for many, portable monitors have grown in popularity as a response. Here are our favorite portable monitors for powering

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9 best jigsaw tools that will fulfil your DIY needs

Most jigsaw tools can best be described as “motorised reciprocating saws”. That means their blades moves up and down, powered by an electric motor.

The user guides the jigsaw using its handle and the flat, metal “shoe” at the bottom of the tool, to cut materials including wood, chipboard, plastic, and in some cases, light metals and ceramic tile.

Jigsaws can make curved cuts, straight cuts, plunge cuts that don’t have to start at the edge of a material, and angled bevel cuts used to make bevelled edges.

While a jigsaw tool’s strongest suit will invariably be cutting curves and

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